Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation

9-11am the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month and special events


The “V-Disc” Program

April 26thJames Johnson- James is a collector of WWII music history. The focus of his collection and interest surround a program known as “V-Disc” program. The program ran from June 1941 until May 1949. The program was created to help increase the morale of the soldiers. The “V” stood for Victory. Come learn about this special program and how to access James’ website which houses over 1100 interviews, music recordings and other rare background information.

Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot

10 May – Mike SheaMike served with the Marine Corps as a CH-46 helicopter pilot flew missions in Vietnam (1972-73) off carriers in the vacinity of Hue, Phu Bai and Quang Tri Province. Subsequently he served 20+ years in the COlorado National Guard with overseas deployments to Bosnia and twice to Iraq. He currently provides law services to veterans.

24 May – Sergio Lugo - served with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam during the major operations of 1969-1970. In later years Sergio pursued his life long interest in stamp collecting, currently is the president of the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library in Denver, with one of the largest reference collections in the country. He will give a highlight of a possible future talk about the “History of WWI through Stamps.”

Memorial Day Weekend

As this is Memorial Day weekend, Museum Board member and Civil War expert, Bob Moulder, will give a short talk on the history and significance of Memorial Day and highlight the upcoming Broomfield Community Memorial Day Commemoration and Picnic.


If you know of someone who would love to share their¬†military¬†experience, please contact the museum with the person’s name and contact information and we will contact them for availability in our schedule.

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