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Welcome to the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum

 We welcome you to the
Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum!


 We are open every Saturday from 9am-3pm

Coffee and Conversation


 Tracy 1956

11 April – Tracy Perry – Tracy was raised in Idaho and went into the Air Force in 1956. After 6-1/2 years as a radar controller-intercept (getting airplanes together) he went to work for the FAA as an air traffic controller (keeping airplanes apart). He met Bill Bower, one of the Doolittle Raiders, and started selling prints of a painting showing Doolittle departing the carrier Hornet in April of 1942 en-route to Japan. After selling over 20 of the prints, he was granted a meeting with the General himself in Carmel, California. Over the years he has gathered a collection of pictures, autographs, memorabilia, and interviews with some of the Raiders. Don’t miss Tracy’s story, “Doolittle, An American Hero.”


Please Join Us As We Celebrate

the 70th Anniversary of the 

End of World War II

April 9th, 2015

Red Rocks Community College

9:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday, April 9th, 2015Red Rocks

Red Rocks Community College
13300 W. 6th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80228

The Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum Directors and Staff invite you, your family and friends to join us and many cultural partners to celebrate a day of history, and for you to be part of that history. We thank Red Rocks Community College for planning and hosting this wonderful event, and we are proud and honored to be a participant.

 Welcome to the 2nd annual RRCC Experiential Learning Day to be held April 9, 2015. On this day we will bring history to life and show students and community members the importance of WWII and its lasting effects on society in the 21st century. Many faculty and staff will be in period costume for the event. We look forward to welcoming you on campus on Thursday, April 9, 2015. If you are a school group there will be a scavenger hunt to get your students involved in the action, please see below. There will also be school tours available on this day. If you would like more information about the event, please contact

Student displays and presentations will be available from History, Geography, Physics, Water Quality Management, Anthropology, Business, Accounting, Early Childhood Education, GLBT Resource center, Native American club (Bridge) Visual Arts (Grand Foyer), and Political Science (Free speech zone), from the hours of 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.


Schedule of Events:

 9:30- 10:00 am – Breakfast for WWII vets (Veterans space near Learning Commons)

10:00- 10:30 am - Opening Ceremony (Grand Foyer)
10:30-11:15 am - Presentation on Just War Theory and Ethics in war by Dr. Kerry Edwards (Great Hall)
11:00-12:00 pm - USO show performance (Community Room)
11:15 am-12:15 pm - Presentation on Japanese American internment camps by Mr. Gil Asakawa (Library)

11:30-12:30 pm - Sample food from WWII sponsored by the Anthropology Department

12:15-1:00 pm - Swing and Tap Lessons (Grand Foyer)

12:15-12:45 pm - War Readings by RRCC English Department (Great Hall)

1:00-2:00 pm - USO show performance (Community Room)

2:30 pm - Flyovers- North American P-64; North American T-6 (2);  North American P-51 (outside east entrance)



Displays for the Children

Come see what it feels like to carry all of that gear!

Come see what it feels like to carry all of that gear!


Coffee and Conversation

July Download 157

The Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum will be hosting Coffee and Conversation with guest speakers from 9–11 a.m.  on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.  The public is invited to hear veterans share their stories over coffee and light refreshments in an informal setting at the museum.

There will be an opportunity to watch short videos, learn about the broader context of the military conflict they were engaged in, and ask questions of the speaker and other veterans.  Afterwards visitors can tour the museum or research the topics discussed in the museum’s library.   The talks are free of charge.

Come Visit! We Are Always Changing:

Your Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum changes on a regular basis. From long term displays, to special exhibits and projects, there is always something new and exciting at the museum! By visiting you will enjoy expanded displays, informative exhibits, history of our local veterans, and an overview of United States military history. Thank You!   Look for us under Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum!

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