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Afghanistan Photography Through the Eyes of a Soldier

11 July – Adam Nilson – Adam served in Afghanistan with the national Guard from 2010-2011 where he and nine other soldiers helped train 40 Afghan soldiers and worked with them on combat missions. He used his camera to photograph combat, the local dogs and fellow servicemen. Currently Adam is studying at CU Boulder and through photography he is able to share a little of what it feels like to be a veteran.

Displays for the Children

Come see what it feels like to carry all of that gear!
Come see what it feels like to carry all of that gear!


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Your Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum changes on a regular basis. From long term displays, to special exhibits and projects, there is always something new and exciting at the museum! By visiting you will enjoy expanded displays, informative exhibits, history of our local veterans, and an overview of United States military history. Thank You!   Look for us under Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum!