Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation

9-11am the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month and special events


11 July – Adam Nilson – Adam served in Afghanistan with the national Guard from 2010-2011 where he and nine other soldiers helped train 40 Afghan soldiers and worked with them on combat missions. He used his camera to photograph combat, the local dogs and fellow servicemen. Currently Adam is studying at CU Boulder and through photography he is able to share a little of what it feels like to be a veteran.

Ann Marie - Copy

25 July – Ann Marie – Ann authored a book of drawings and letters a young doctor wrote back to his daughter while serving in Korean War. Ann will talk about putting together the book, share examples from the book and will have copies for sale.

8 August – Burt Kelcher – Burt joined the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII and because of his college background he becam involved with the Atomic Bomb Project at los Alamos.

22 August – Brad Beeler – brad served with the 102nd Infantry (The Ozark) Division during WWII. The division arrived in Cherbourg, France in September 1944 and participated in the major assaults along the Netherlands – German Border.

If you know of someone who would love to share their military experience, please contact the museum with the person’s name and contact information and we will contact them for availability in our schedule.

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